Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Why Did I Start A Blog?

...I don't know. That's the short answer. I have tried to start a couple of other blogs in the past but they all failed. When I say they failed, it means I failed. My last blogs failed for one of two reasons 1) I was trying to blog about something specific and couldn't keep up with posting new material all the time 2) I wasn't being true to myself. I tried to start a blog as a way to share pictures and things with people that I didn't necessarily want browsing around my Facebook page. But I couldn't keep up with that either. It was dry and boring and I wasn't motivated to keep with it.

I am hoping this time is different. This time I am going to write about whatever the fuck is on my mind. This blog is going to be true to me, and therefore opinionated. I welcome you to have a differing opinion from mine. Feel free to post comments. I think it's healthy so long as it doesn't turn cruel. I may or may not respond to comments depending on how I feel. Actually I hope to even get comments.

I assume nobody will read this unless you are already my friend, but just in case you accidentally stumbled here and are still reading, here's a quick intro:

My name is Kimbu (Kim, actually, but I named my blog by my most common nickname so I thought I should be consistent). I also answer to Kim, Kimi, Kimberly, Kimbo, Kimbro, Kimba, Kim Jong get the idea. I am turning 30 this year, I have been married to my wonderful husband Eric for 7 years. We have three cats and a dog. We love in Salt Lake City and....zzzzz.... Are you still awake?

Okay, boring stuff out of the way. I think this will suffice as an intro blog to my blog. So, future posts should be a bit more interesting....I hope.

Thanks for reading!

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